Spreading the Love on Valentine’s Day

Year 2 asked me yesterday if we could celebrate Valentine’s Day! After a discussion about what Valentine’s Day was about, we decided that, in Year 2, we would focus on all the people in our lives that we love. Mummies, daddies, other family members, pets and friends were mentioned. The children said that they would all like to receive something on Valentine’s Day so we came up with a plan to ensure that everyone in our class would feel loved.

This morning, the children all sat around a table together and wrote down something that they love about every other person in the class. Just before home time today, we presented the finished hearts to each child individually and the children took them straight home to enjoy and treasure.

Some of the children were worried that they might loose them, so I promised I would put them on the blog.

This afternoon, many of the children also wanted to make cards for people that they love at home. I was touched by the things that they wrote and the pictures that they drew.

Well done, Year 2. You are all adorable!


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