Launching Rockets

Wow that was exciting!

At the culmination of our topic on famous people, Today Year 2 launched their rockets on the school field. We have learned about famous people in the sciences, arts, sports, politics, maths and history. In recent weeks in history we have compared the explorations of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong and the development of transport from the Wright Brothers to today’s focus on the famous inventor, Wernher Von Braun. Some extremely interesting questions and discussion ensued when the children learned that Wernher Von Braun first designed the V-2 rocket for Nazi Germany before he went on to design the Saturn V for the United States!

What do we think everyone? Famous or infamous? Good man or bad man? Comments below please and reasons why.

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  1. Well done year 2! To infinity and beyond!! Re: Von Braun – Maybe the answer is aligned to resiliency verses morality. Those in power always like to control the intelligent (Galileo), or send the “thinkers” into exile to places like Siberia, or face an outcome that held a much greater finality. In the end, physicists are so handy…

  2. Looks very exciting year 2!
    I would like to believe von Braun was interested in science and advancement however his work may have been simply under the Nazi regime. It may be fortuitous that he was part of Operation Paperclip! I guess we will never know the answer.

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