Year 2 Scientists

As part of our topic on Famous People, Year 2 have been learning about Charles Macintosh. As part of their lesson, the Year 2 children were encouraged to choose the material that they thought would be best for a new raincoat! The children arranged themselves into teams and decided to test the materials to see if they were waterproof. Predictions were made and some brilliant team work, interesting discussions and clever conclusions were drawn. Well done, my budding scientists!

Year 2, which material did you choose for the new coat and why?


Year 5 French Instructions: Sandwich Recipes

This term, Year 5 are learning all about food in their French lessons. Last week, the children learned how to give instructions to make sandwiches. After learning the necessary vocabulary, the children wrote out a recipe for a sandwich of their choice. Once they had finished, the children read their instructions to me and I followed them exactly! A few of the children realised they had missed a bit and quickly dashed off to add a line in. Everyone wrote the instructions for the sandwich they wanted…  Great writing year 5, well done!

Year 6 French Breakfast

Last Friday, Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed a French breakfast as part of their current French topic on daily routines. All the children conversed with me in French asking politely for the items of food that they desired. They seemed to think it was great fun being allowed to dunk their croissant and pain au chocolat in their bowl of hot chocolate. The children also enjoyed tasting French Madeleine cakes. Some of the children couldn’t believe that they were expected to drink out of a bowl. There was only one child that missed his mouth…