Spreading the Love on Valentine’s Day

Year 2 asked me yesterday if we could celebrate Valentine’s Day! After a discussion about what Valentine’s Day was about, we decided that, in Year 2, we would focus on all the people in our lives that we love. Mummies, daddies, other family members, pets and friends were mentioned. The children said that they would … Read moreSpreading the Love on Valentine’s Day

Launching Rockets

Wow that was exciting! At the culmination of our topic on famous people, Today Year 2 launched their rockets on the school field. We have learned about famous people in the sciences, arts, sports, politics, maths and history. In recent weeks in history we have compared the explorations of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong and … Read moreLaunching Rockets

Young Musicians

Today, the children that take additional music lessons had the opportunity to perform to the rest of the class. It is lovely to see the children so confident at the very beginning of their musical journey and to celebrate in their ongoing progress. Whilst we were downstairs, using the grand piano, we took the opportunity … Read moreYoung Musicians