Learning Science with Hot Chocolate

Last week, the children were discussing drinking hot chocolate over Christmas and some of the children were telling me that marshmallows melt in hot chocolate and others were telling me that they don’t! It was too much for me to resist as I asked the children how could we find out what makes the marshmallows melt?

Today I helped the children devise an experiment to find out what makes marshmallows melt faster. They predicted that the temperature of the hot chocolate would make a difference, but were unsure whether the amount of marshmallows, the amount of hot chocolate and a number of other variables would make any difference. After some deliberation, they decided we needed 3 identical cups and that we would have to keep everything the same apart from the temperature of the hot chocolate. Well briefed, I collected the things we needed for our experiment and mixed up the hot chocolate as instructed. The children also decided that it would be a waste if they didn’t drink the remaining hot chocolate whist we waited for the marshmallows to melt!

Well done Year 2 for proving today that the hotter the hot chocolate, the faster the marshmallows melt.

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