Making Pizzas at Pizza Express

This morning, a very excited Year 2 visited Pizza Express in Hastings to find out more about where foods come from and take part in a cooking session! When we arrived, the children all donned hats and aprons and washed their hands. The first part of our session was looking at many popular ingredients, discussing where they come from and having lots of little tastes. I was surprised at the number of children this year that liked the olives and basil leaves and Caleb even expressed a like for anchovies! They were surprised at some of the textures, such as mozzarella and the smell of the oregano. The children were all eager to try many of the foods and there weren’t many samples left over after the tasting session. The children very confidently followed the chef’s instructions and made their own pizzas which they all enjoyed for lunch, back at school. The pizzas were delicious and the chef at Pizza Express was kind enough to make two spares so that all the children in Reception and Year 1 were able to enjoy a slice of pizza with their lunch today too! Thank you to the staff at Pizza Express in Hastings for such a warm welcome and such an informative and enjoyable morning.


Year 2, what did you learn today?