Trip to Drusillas

Wow! What a lovely day. Year 2 were perfectly behaved and the weather was beautiful. We arrived soon after the park opened, with the morning to study the animals. The children were very excited to explore, watch the animals in the park and discover facts from the displays. During our exploration, we enjoyed watching the penguin feeding at 11:30am and after the display, and indeed throughout the day, the children asked some very intellegent and interesting questions.

We stopped for our picnic before returning to the Education Session for an extremely interesting and informative session about minibeasts (our topic this week). As part of the lesson, the chidren dressed up as minibeasts; learned about exoskeletons; explored scientific classes of minibeasts and their features; and had a close look at a variety of artefacts. James, the education officer, also brought out a range of animals for the children to study, touch and hold: Madagascan hissing cockroaches, millipedes, giant snails and different varieties of slugs. After the session concluded, we asked if we could handle some fluffy animals before we left. James asked us to sit very still and be very quiet and, to our delight, we were allowed to stroke a slightly nervous chincilla. The children were outstanding: they sat so quietly and were so calm that James asked us if we would mind staying for a few more minutes as he had an animal that he had never brought out into the classroom before. With much anticipation, we waited in silence and were amazed when James brought in a handraised meerkat! We were the first class to stroke a meerkat at Drusillas. Well done, Year 2: you are awesome!

We had an hour left at the park, and the children voted to spend the time in the adventure playground. We just squeezed in a quick ride on the train before returning to school.

What did you learn during our trip to Drusilla’s, Year 2?


Year 2 Class Assembly: Be Kind to Animals

Year 2 confidently led whole school assembly today. They taught the school about how important it is to look after our pets. I was very impressed by how confident all the children were. Everybody spoke loudly and clearly and the children who acted out the stories did a brilliant job! Well done everyone!

Year 2 Twitchers

Year 2 have been learning about habitats of animals around the world and have focused on birds in our local area this week. We have learned the names and songs of some of the birds that live in our school area and gardens and done a spot of bird watching. We did some research on oviparous animals in the computer room and printed some pictures of the birds that we saw and heard on our school grounds. The children were amazed that all the birds had different songs and we had great fun trying to copy the different sounds that the birds make. Year 2 managed to identify the blackbird (male and female), common gull, wood pigeon, collared dove, chaffinch, house sparrow, crow, starling, robin, blue tit and magpie!

In English this week, we have learned how to use a thesaurus and the children have composed a class poem If I were a Bird. The children spend some time imagining they were a bird and dreaming of the things that they would do. I was very impressed with their beautiful descriptions and fantastic ideas. All the children chose their favourite line from their work and copied it onto a piece of paper, which they stuck to our display to create our poem. The children also illustrated their work with a drawing of the bird they became whilst they were meditating.