Tasting Space Food

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Today we learned about what it is like to live on a space station. We found out how it feels to be in space where there is no gravity, about how astronauts clean their teeth and use the bathroom! We were fascinated to see the bedrooms. After we saw the astronauts food supplies, we tasted some space food ourselves. We tasted the freeze dried strawberries and then re-hydrated them in a glass of water.

Written by Year 2 (with a little help from Mrs Golding)

What did you think, year 2?

Sophia, in response to your request, here is the video that we watched the first part of in class today:

How It Works: The International Space Station

11 thoughts on “Tasting Space Food

  1. Today we learned about what it’s like to be in a Space station (check out the cool facts below.)
    1. Did you know? Space food doesn’t have any water in it!
    2. Water doesn’t fall it floats!
    3. There is no gravity in space, all you do is float!
    4. There is no up or down, it all feels the same!
    5. You sleep on the side of the rocket!
    6. The space strawberries look like sweets!
    7. Space-suits weigh 100 pounds!
    8. Space helmets have sun glasses

  2. Today I learnt about living in a space station. I found living in a space station cool because the bedrooms were in a circle and there was even one on the ceiling! Then we ate some space food. I didn’t like the strawberry, mango or the coconut but I liked the cereal pieces.

  3. I would like to go to a space station because I’d like to be an astronaut. When I am a grown up I’d like to be an astronaut. Astronauts hydrate food so it does taste good.

  4. Did you know?
    I took my first ever taste of space food and the cereal was my favourite thing out of the three options and the other two I didn’t like. They were mango and strawberry.

  5. Today we learned about space. We tried some space food and it was really fun. I really liked the cereal. I would like to be an astronaut.

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