Visiting the Mohair Centre

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Reception and KS1 bravely donned our waterproof jackets and wellies this morning and headed to the Mohair Centre. After a briefing on the importance of hygiene and hand washing, the children explored the farm and learned what food to feed each of the animals.

The children split info small groups and went off to look after the farm animals. Their list of jobs included emptying, rinsing and refilling the water bowls, feeding, adding hay/straw to the animal enclosures and petting the animals. Probably my favourite part of the day was when the children fed the lambs with bottles of milk. The children were gasping with surprise at the strength of the lambs’ suckling!

After lunch, the children learned all about sheep shearing and wool and took part in a range of craft activities using wool from the farm’s sheep.

Thank you, Stephanie, for such an enjoyable and informative day at your farm.


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