To Blog or not to Blog? Reflections on 2 years of Blogging from our Classroom

Well, it’s been a busy couple of years on the blogging front. A colleague of mine asked me to speak at a small gathering this week about my experiences on running a blog from the primary school classroom. Preparing my short presentation has given me time to reflect on the last 2 years and, it seems, over 125 posts! The blog has had over 17.5 thousand views since it was launched in 2012 and has received around 400 comments. The most page views for one day was 430 when the chickens hatched in 2013!

The blog has come a long way since it started in Spring 2012 and I have learned a lot about how the blog positively affects the children and the wider school community. The main affects seem to be as follows:

1. Opening the classroom up to a wider audience. Children are able to share their experiences and their learning with (and get feedback from) other children in the school, their parents and relatives and members of other schools.

2. Displaying the children’s work in this way really seems to motivate the children and give them a real sense of purpose. When they view their finished work on the blog, they get a huge sense of satisfaction and take great pride in sharing their work with others. They love to receive comments and praise from other children in the school, from parents and from members of other schools.

3. The blog has, incidentally, created a record of memories for the children that have been in my class. Many of the high points of their year have been documented in some way and the children have open access to view their work and photos of themselves and their classmates. Additionally, it has created a resource for my current class, who like to visit the blog and look at the previous classses’ blog entries for work that was done in upcoming topics so that they can try to go one better!

4. The blog has provided a safe environment for the children to experience an online community. It has provided real life application for their work regarding e-safety and a strictly monitored environment where they can start to contribute safely to and interact with, an online society, with people known and unknown. I feel that this is invaluable to the children in today’s ever increasingly e-literate world.

5. The links section of the blog allows children not only to quickly and easily access links at school during lessons, but also to access these from home and continue their learning outside of the classroom.

These were my reflections on the blog, but I am sure that you would be interested to hear the children’s opinions too! This week I asked the children: Should we continue to blog from our classroom? What do you like about the blog?

In the words of the children…

Thank you to all of the children that came to me with comments for this post. I am really sorry that I couldn’t include you all. Please add your thoughts about the blog in the comments box below.

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  1. Thank you for all the effort involved, both by Mrs Golding and the children. I think the blogs have made a great difference to the children’s confidence, especially seen in this one – well done to you all.

  2. Thank you Mrs Golding. Gwendoline loved your lessons last year. We are looking forward to host you at the Senior school tomorrow and listen to your views on the impact of blogging in primary schools.

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