Visiting Author- Anthony Penrose- “The Boy Who Bit Picasso”

Today we had a talk from Anthony Penrose. Anthony spoke to us all about his childhood memories of his friend Picasso. He helped the children to understand how Picasso used colours and shapes to depict people. We were surprised by the detail in some of the images of Picasso’s workbooks, showing how carefully he planned out the shapes he used in his sculptures. Inspired by the images of Picasso’s work, Year 2 drew two pictures of themselves. First, the children drew a portrait of themselves as accurately as they could. Then the children drew another portrait in the style of Picasso.

What did you find interesting, Year 2?


KS1 Visit Battle Abbey- “The Big School”

Years 1 and 2 visited the Abbey today to find out more about the school’s history. Before we¬†left, Year 2 listened intently to the story of the Battle¬†of Hastings¬†and learned why the number 1066 appears so¬†frequently around our school.¬†Upon¬†our arrival at¬†Battle Abbey,¬†James Dennet kindly gave the children a guided tour of the school and grounds. After our tour, we climbed the stairs to Mr Clark’s office, where the school guardians shared refreshments with the children. Before returning to the Prep school for the afternoon, we had a packed lunch on the Terrace.

Year 2, please can you describe your favourite part of our trip up to Battle Abbey.