Weird Animals- A Stop Motion Project

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As part of our learning in ICT, last term we were looking at various types of animation. After our school trip to see the Zeedonk (half zebra, half donkey) in the last week of the term, the children were inspired to create their own hybrid animals.

We hope you enjoy the stop motion movies that we have made. The video below consists of the movies the children made, along with the commentries that Year 2 wanted to include to tell you all about their weird animals.

10 thoughts on “Weird Animals- A Stop Motion Project

  1. We LOVED your animations! We especially loved the half-cat-half-fox, the half unicorn animals, the electric tortoise, the half-cat-half-searhorse and the antosaurus!

    We were wondering how did you make them? How long did it take you? How did you make the backgrounds? If we made our own animations do you have any advice for us?

    Thanks very much
    From your friends in 1B.

  2. These are very cool. I loved watching the wonderful animal creations and hearing you all talk about them – great music too!

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