Trip to Bexhill Museum

On Monday, Reception and KS1 went out to Bexhill Museum for a guided fossil hunt on Bexhill’s beach. The children left school just before lunch so that they could have their lunch (a picnic) in Egerton Park and play in the playground for their lunchtime break. Many of the children were particularly excited about playing in the ‘hampster wheel’!

After lunch, we all went into the museum and looked at many of the exhibits. The most memorable were the bottle nosed whale and the dinosaur footprints and bones!

The curator (Julian) then took us all across to the beach and taught us how to find fossils. Julian answered lots of our questions about the things that we found. The children learned to identify slate, quartz, flint, cuttlefish, periwinkles, limpets and fossils. Nearly everyone found a fossil during the afternoon under Julian’s watchful eye!


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  1. On Munday we went to the museum.
    First we went to Egton park.
    We all ran about in the playground and
    my faourite part was the hampster wheel.

  2. When we were on the beach looking for fossils, it was quite fun. First I was bored and after a while I said “this is fun”. I found 10 and then I found 6 more and I had 16.

  3. I liked the hampster wheel at Egerton park. It was very tricky.
    I also liked the bouncy thing so you went boing! And you would spin around.

  4. We got in the minibus to go to Bexhill museum. We were all excited. When we got there we walked to the amazing playground. Then we had our delicious lunch. Then we went to the lovely museum. Then we went to the outstanding beach. I found a fossil on the beach.

  5. The museum was brillent first we played in the fun tiring Egerton park.My best bit was the swing.Then we went inside the museum and did some looking around.Then we went to the beach and got some fossils

  6. We were on the minibus then we arrived at egerton park .When we walked into the playground I startid to play on the hampster wheel Iloved it. I liked
    the bottel nose whale

  7. We went to Bexhill museum to learn about dinosaurs. First we met Julian and he showed us the fossils. Then we went to find all kinds of fossils, rocks and crystals on the beach.

  8. When we got off the bus we went to Egerton park.We had a lovely picnic after we finished eating we went to play.Then we went to the Museum and learnt
    about dinosaurs.

  9. My favourite bit on are trip was the beach because we were treing to find fossils and I found four.
    For lunch I had one sausage roll, 4 sausages (small) , half a packet of hola hoops, four pieces of cheese and 4 bits of cucumber.

  10. When we arrived at Egerton Park I went straight onto the hamster wheel.It was like a rollercoaster. It was my favorite part!Then we went into the museum and Julian showed us what a fossil looked like.Finilly we went to the beach and found some fossils.I found three fossils.Have you found any fossils in your life?

  11. At Bexhil Museum we looked at the gigantic dinosaur footprints and Fallon’s grandad’s fossil. It was amazing..we all had fun!

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