Goodbye Mr. Clark

Today the children at the Prep school put on a lovely surprise assembly for Mr. Clark, who is retiring at the end of this term.

Every child from the nursery all the way through to Year 6 had an important part to play in our celebration assembly. The youngest children started the proceedings as the nursery children sang their “Good Afternoon Song” and performed a very cute rendition of If “You’re Happy and You Know It”. Reception and Key Stage One then sang their song, “Fun at the Seaside” and performed a poem, “Behind the Staffroom Door” by Brian Moses. Year Two played “Little Bird” on their ocarinas.

The rest of the assembly was lead by Key Stage Two with impressively choreographed songs by Year 3, “Flash, Bang, Wallop” and Year 5, “When I Leave School” and a keyboard and glockenspiel performance of “Thriller” by Year 4. Year 6 concluded the assembly performances with a poem, “The Head’s Hideout”, a sharing of their memories of the head teacher and by singing a song called “Living the Dream”, which they composed themselves!

After a speech given by the very touched Mr. Clark, who assured us that he had believed he was only joining us for a meeting with Mrs Maslin today, Roger Clark was presented with cards from the children and a very tall apple tree.

To celebrate Roger Clark’s time at the school, all the children then were given an ice-cream to eat outside on the field and a short playtime before returning to lessons.

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Jack and the Beanstalk by KS1 Songs and Poems

During assembly on Monday morning, Key Stage One’s Songs and Poems club performed their mini musical of Jack and the Beanstalk that they have been working on during the summer term. The children remembered their lines and sung and acted enthusiastically throughout. All of the children chose their own parts and many of the Year 2 children wrote some of their own lines too!


Ocarina Performances at the Summer Soirée

Year 2 were invited to perform on their ocarinas at the Summer Soirée this year. It was lovely to have so many parents, friends and relatives there to support the children. The children chose their favourite songs from all those that we have learned this year and were full of ideas as to how we should arrange them! After a few practises of our rather complicated arrangement of Muffin Man, I realised how much the children were used to relying upon me as a conductor. This moment of clarity came when one of the children asked me if I could wave at each group with a different foot to bring them in whilst playing the piano!

One of the parents managed to video our two songs for me so below you will find our performances for Little Bird and Muffin Man.