Who Am I? Year 2 Art for the Art Exhibition

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Year 2 have worked very hard on their masterpieces for the upcoming school art exhibition. The children created their artwork in two stages and then wrote a set of clues so that other children can guess who created each work of art!

For the artwork, Year 2 choose their own favourite animal and traced the outline onto their art paper. They then drew the rest of their animal freehand, using the original picture as a guide. When they had finished their drawing, they chose coloured pencils and oil pastels to colour it in. To create the background, Year 2 chose 3 or 4 different coloured pieces of tissue paper that they felt would be appropriate for their background. They carefully ripped irregular shapes from each colour and arranged and glued them to form the background collage. Finally, the children glued their animal drawing onto the page and named their artwork.

Can you work out the clues?

Year 2, did you enjoy these activities? What was your favourite part?


3 thoughts on “Who Am I? Year 2 Art for the Art Exhibition

  1. I love the pictures – very artistic. I can’t make them any bigger so wasn’t able to read the ‘Who Am I’ section.

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