Video Footage of Lemon Cookie (Chick 3) Hatching

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Here it is, as promised. Those of you who missed it in the classroom and on the webcam, here is the video Miss Brooke and I took of the Lovely Lemon Cookie, a Pekin Bantam chick, hatching. He had already spent a few hours pecking from the inside of his shell and, as you will see, was on the brink of breaking out. I have uploaded the second video too, where he manages to wriggle and roll completely free of his shell. As you can hear in he videos, Key Stage One really enjoyed watching the chick hatch. We hope you also enjoy this miracle of birth.  🙂

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6 thoughts on “Video Footage of Lemon Cookie (Chick 3) Hatching

  1. I love looking at all these pictures and videos. They are so cute and it looks such fun. I miss you all. love Heidi xxx

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