QuadBlogging – Our First QuadBlogging network (Quad85)

Our blog is going to be part of a QuadBlogging network next half term. This means that we can enjoy looking at, reading and commenting on other school blogs from all around the world, and they can, in-turn, enjoy looking at, reading and writing comments about the wonderful activities we’ve been doing.

Here’s how it will work:

In week 1 (3rd June 2013), we will invite three other schools to our blog. With a little luck we will have all sorts of exciting things for them to see, possibly even some newly hatching ducklings via the duckcam (live Wednesday-Friday)!



In week 2 (10th June 2013), we will all look at and comment on Mr. Ball’s class blog from Decoy Primary School, Devon. Mr. Ball has been running his Year 1 blog since September 2011 and there are many exciting posts, topics and activities for us all to enjoy reading about.



In week 3 (17th June 2013), we are so lucky to be able to share in the experiences of Mrs Cassidy and her class from George Street Normal School in New Zealand. It will be really exciting to communicate with a class on the other side of the world.



Finally, in week 4 (24th June 2013) we will be looking at Mrs Jackson’s year 1/2 class from Humberside UK. Mrs. Jackson’s class have already posted some lovely videos that we will enjoy watching.


Newly Hatched Blue Tits

As the children came up to class today, they were very excited to inform me that the Blue Tit eggs had hatched over the weekend!

At lunchtime today, I managed to get a few photos and a couple of videos from the TV screen that is mounted in the dinner hall of our new arrivals.

The children insisted I post them as quickly as possible to the blog so that they can share this lovely news with you. 🙂

Did everyone see the Mummy Blue Tit feeding her babies? When did you find out the Blue Tits had hatched?






A Magical Visit to Groombridge Place

Key Stage One had a magical visit to Groombridge Place this week.

We arrived and walked through the 17th Century Formal Gardens and took the peaceful boat ride straight into the heart of the Enchanted Forest. As we slowly meandered down the river under the Weeping Willows, the observant children spotted faces high in the trees and noticed that one oak tree even had a doorway! As we alighted the canal boat, the children spent a few minutes exploring Crusoe World up in the trees before following the path past the dinosaurs and up to Castle Village where the forts and swings were. The children’s imaginations fired up as we reached the Magic Pool and the Celtic Forest. The Giant doors leading to the enormous rope spider web also sparked their creativity and stories were collaboratively told by Year 2. The children decided to complete the maze before heading across the bridge in the Serpent’s Lair and looking at the Gypsy caravans. Key Stage One then spent some time exploring Tree Fern Valley and the North American Wood before returning to the teepee to enjoy their picnics.

After lunch (and a brief detour to the toilets for some) the children made their way over The Dark Walk, a raised boardwalk incorporating animal enclosures, play areas and a zip wire. Growing increasingly tired at this point the children had one last task- to find the Zeedonk (a cross between a zebra and a donkey). Victorious, and just a little bit muddy, we returned to the minibuses for the journey back to school.


Did you enjoy our trip, KS1? What was your favourite part of the day?