A Visit to the Abbey to see Year 10’s Alice in Wonderland Show

Years 2, 3 and 4 were invited to the Abbey today to see Year 10’s performance of Alice in Wonderland. We arrived and were ushered into the Performing Arts Centre ready for the show. We were particularly impressed to discover that the students had put the whole show together all by themselves! The cast all worked hard to entertain and involve their young audience. The children were in fits of giggles watching the antics of Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum and Alice getting frustrated at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Year 10 handed out yummy chocolate muffins and squash at their end of their show and let the children play with the masks that they had made. It was actually Seb’s (The Mad Hatter’s) birthday, so we sang him a special rendition of Happy Birthday at the end. The children have decided to write thank you letters to Year 10 because they are hoping that, when the students put on another show, they will be invited again!

Who was your favourite character, Year 2? What was your favourite part?


Magnificent Minibeasts: Year 2 Assembly

Learning about minibeasts has been great fun. Today Year 2 took the whole school assembly to share some of the work that we have done and the things that we have learned. The children introduced the assembly, then read out their poems that they wrote last week about a minibeast hunt they had in the school grounds. The children spoke in loud, clear voices throughout the assembly and did particularly well when they showed their artwork and read the facts they had researched about their chosen minibeast. Finally, Year 2 sung and played “All Things Bright and Beautiful” on their ocarinas. I felt that the music the children chose for entering and exiting assembly really set the scene!

I have included some photos below of the children’s art work (using oil pastels) and their poems. The children are very proud of the way they have presented their minibeast poems as they used Textease on the computers to draw a faded symmetrical butterfly and then typed their poems over the top.

How did you feel when you were doing the assembly, year 2? What did you think went well?