The Chicks Have Arrived: View the Time Lapse Footage

Well, well, what an exciting day! I arrived at 7:30am this morning to find the first 7 chicks had hatched during the night. Can you imagine the excitement as the children arrived at 8:30am at almost the same time as chick no. 8 started to hatch? We were slightly late to assembly as it was difficult to tear ourselves away from the miracle that was taking place in the incubator.

To our delight, chick no. 8 was born during assembly and we managed to watch the video footage of the birth within minutes of getting back to class. The rest of the day was spent with teams of children (from nursery to Year 3) watching over the other 7 chicks as they hatched one after the other. The final chick hatched about 6pm (I know that some of you were watching on the webcam) and about 6:30pm, I moved the webcam over to the new chick house so that we could watch the little fluffies mooching about overnight!

Roll on tomorrow, when they’ll be strong enough to hold… Another exciting day ahead…

Click on the link below to see the footage that I have extracted from the webcam archive. The webcam took a photo every 10 minutes throughout the day!

Chicks Hatching Time Lapse

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